Your underwriting message on WARA 1320 AM tells the community about who you are and what you do. And it says a lot about what you stand for. Your community pride. How you value your place in the community.

As non-commercial broadcasters we rely on businesses and organizations that value our place in the community for the revenues that keep us plugged in, turned on, and serving the community. Our community.

Underwriting messages tell the listener that we’re in this together, for the public good. We partner to inform about community news and events, to highlight those in the community who are making a difference, and to provide a respite from the grind with a variety of entertainment options.

Programming on WARA 1320 AM is eclectic; from local news to international affairs, from sports to educational topics, and from pop culture to the arts. And most importantly, we’re here for vital information when the community is impacted by natural or man-made emergencies.

In 1950, during the post-war era and before the benefit of communications satellites, the Internet or smart phones, a small group of civic-minded, forward-thinking businessmen formed Attleboro Radio Association and created WARA to inform and entertain the community.

More than 65 years later, their vision is our inspiration. With the same sense of civic-mindedness, our small non-profit group, led by volunteer directors, has rolled up their sleeves and assumed the responsibility of keeping WARA 1320 AM a vital community resource. With underwriting support from committed community leaders, we’ll rise to the occasion because…it’s all about the community.

There’s Something In It For You, Too

  • Underwriting enhances your image and projects quality, credibility and stability; virtues valued, respected and noted by the community.
  • Our community radio listeners are not only well educated, successful, and affluent, but also influential and active in the community.
  • By airing a limited number of announcements per hour we ensure that your message receives listener attention.
  • Your message is heard by listeners who stay tuned for longer periods of time.
  • Your message is read on air live, by the personalities who listeners tune in to hear.
  • Your participation shows your sense of civic pride and responsibility, and that, yes, indeed…it’s all about the community.